Computer games (digital games) are the leading medium of the digital society. Their social, cultural, and economic importance has been steadily increasing for years. The unique combination of creativity, innovation and modern technology in the computer and video games industry holds enormous potential for the economy and society. Germany depends on the high innovative power of the German games industry with its companies and employees.

The German Computer Games Award (DCP) is an instrument with which the Federal Government and the games industry jointly promote the importance of games and the performance of the industry from Germany. It is the most important award for digital games from Germany. It is also the instrument with which parents as well as players are to be given orientation in a market that is characterized by its diversity.

It is the common goal of the contracting parties as sponsors of the German Computer Game Award that more people discover digital games developed in Germany. The German Computer Game Award complements the federal government’s computer game funding and is an element in making the success of games ‘Made in Germany’ public. The sponsors want to further develop and strengthen the German Computer Game Award together.